Not every small business needs a website build or makeover, but almost all need custom design work from time to time. EMG excels at delivering custom needs, especially for small businesses that have limited in-house technical or graphic skills. It is true that numerous online tools for obtaining custom design work can be found. However, experience in this area shows that most tools require time to learn, and an eye for design that many website owners simply do not possess.

If your website is too important to mess up, let a pro handle custom design work!

Clients are not expected to know how many years of experience is required before being good at design work. They also may not grasp the importance of professional and strategic web design until their digital marketing efforts fail. When that happens, it is time to look at all elements and see what might be a turn-off to visitors.

While site users rarely care about “custom” or “template” site design elements, they do care that a website makes it easy find what they are looking to buy. This means that while “function” rates higher than “form”, it does not mean that using stock images, cheesy snapshots and poor descriptions for products or services will translate to sales. A great website template can be quickly and cost-effectively customized for specific niche markets by a professional and wrecked beyond recognition in the hands of an amateur.

Custom design work for certain product presentation is always beneficial. Customers are visual and demand to see what they are buying, so the more you can simulate an in-person experience, the more sales you’ll get. If you are selling clothing, presenting items on an attractive model with numerous viewpoints is a must. Almost every item sold requires photos from a variety of different angles or a demonstration video. This level of custom design work is beyond the capability of most website owners and learning to use online tools is more time consuming than hiring the work out to a pro.

The truth is that while anyone can build their own website, just as you could design your own clothes or build your own car – you probably won’t because they would be lame. Time is money, especially to a small business owner. Learning the basic principles of website or product design, video editing or marketing, is like learning a whole new career. A client’s time is much better spent promoting their business and attending customers than learning graphic design.

Custom Design Work for Small Business Websites

Custom design work not only applies to brand elements like logos, brochures, and the like. Some clients require custom design work for products sold on their website, either to offer the completely unique or to sport their brand. EMG will be adding a variety of product types to this website in the future and is open to discussing specific custom design needs for any client.

Examples of custom design work include unique product packaging, apparel, accessory, and promotional product graphics, social media branding packages, and professional product mockups.

If you have unique custom design work requirements, drop us an email because chances are we have experience that can go to work for you!