Emergency website fix is a service handled for our clients as a top priority! Your customers expect your site to be operational at all times, so when a site goes down we understand the urgency.

You can’t prevent all website breaks, however you can recover from one – fast.

Unfortunately, sites do break for any number of reasons with website hacks being the most drastic. Coding conflicts, payment gateway issues, scripting glitches, server errors, an update goes awry, the list is long for things that go wrong. Sadly, there is no way to communicate with site visitors when a site is down. Impossible to relay the issue is temporary, impossible to regain lost credibility.

No webmaster or web host, for that matter, can guarantee 100% uptime. There are just too many single points of possible failure between domain registrars, servers and a user’s computer. Data centers are no more immune to severe weather than we are, and when a data center goes down, so does your website. Then, of course, there is human error.

What can be guaranteed is that certain issues can be controlled with preventative maintenance, constant monitoring, updated security, and offsite backups. If those steps are taken and something breaks, expert troubleshooting is critical to get a site back online. Identifying the issue, and fixing it or circumventing it fast, requires a high level of expertise.

An emergency website fix is something our retainer clients rarely experience because of the extra measures EMG takes to ensure database and file integrity. All themes and plugins used on client sites are updated on development servers before live sites are updated. This offline testing allows the webmaster to identify and fix conflicts or issues before updating live websites.

In the event a site is hacked, it can be restored using backups stored offsite. Historical copies are preserved in the event the hack wasn’t immediately noticed. Our dedicated servers are constantly monitored by an experienced private server technician. Although these measures help prevent 99% of possible mishaps, the best measure is having a pro maintain your website constantly. A website that needs updates is the most vulnerable to attack and the most likely to fail during an update.

Most hacks today are not really performed by hackers at all, but rather by those trying to damage your site or disable competition. Novice attackers use automated bots to exploit vulnerabilities, create backdoors, dump passwords, and other nefarious actions in about 15 seconds.

Regardless of the reason, if you need a quick emergency website fix we can help analyze the issue and hopefully get your site back online.