Of all the reasons to hire a professional, website content writing is at the top of the list. Quality content is concise, grammatically and politically correct, and lengthy enough to convey information accurately. In addition to key elements, the accuracy of information is important to ensure your business listings show up correctly on Google and other search engines.

Copywriting, the process of professionally written content for marketing purposes, is not to be confused with “copyrighting” which is obtaining a copyright or legal protection for unique content. Good solid content is accentuated by the other components of your website such as design, images, videos, taglines, charts, calculators, and so on.

Your site content should begin with market research to determine your target market and your most valued customers, then define the preferences of the customers for your website. Create fictitious users, or personas, and evaluate the various elements of your site from that user’s point of view. It will quite often differ from your own.

While the written word is essential, some things are better seen than read and explainer videos are changing the way products and services are presented online. Custom videos accompanied with website content writing services is a specialty of EMG and an effective way to engage audiences while driving home your message.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. ~ Albert Einstein

Many site visitors prefer to watch videos because it takes less effort than reading large blocks of text, particularly on smartphones. Difficult concepts, products or services can also be accurately and concisely explained using illustrations, infographics, and diagrams along with the written content. EMG can deliver custom content of this nature for any client business.

Blog posts, news, white papers, case studies, how-to guides, etc. are used as highly effective content marketing purposes. Relevant, valuable, and frequently updated content can boost SEO as well as any other website element. The more often quality content is added, the more people will find your website because Google loves fresh content. Customers see websites that post relevant, useful information as “experts” in their field and this helps build trust when opt-in lines of communication are employed. Website content writing services can be syndicated, distributed and promoted through your social media channels.

Website Content Writing Services

Content not only informs your site visitors, but it also educates search engines about your website. Your site should be optimized to help search engines know exactly what your intent is – be it to sell goods, offer services, or provide information. Once a visitor arrives, use of internal links to guide them to additional data helps keep them engaged. A “call to action” invites site visitors to perform an action such as contact us, add to cart, write a review, download a file, request a quote, and so on. Calls to action help increase conversions by turning visitors into customers!